Northern Agricultural development organization(NADO) is community based organization that provide services as private service delivery,it was established January year 2017 in Wajir county.
The Organization has over 20 Members Composed of Veterinary technicians,Crop protection experts and Agricultural technical officers.
Now that the rate of unemployment, Poverty beyond the line and many more catastrophes have affected The people of wajir county, With a larger percentage of our Youth have No jobs,Illiteracy Level is very High and Mostly Have gone beyond borders as Job and Asylum Seekers.
As a Youth we came up with this initiatives to eradicate Hunger,Poverty,Create opportunities make youths Engage in Agricultural Activities and make wajir Food secured.

We train Our Agropastotalist,Train,Advice youths on the importance of Agriculture in changing their lifestyle, Provide workshops to Agricultural Famers Voluntarily to build their capacities hence improving their livelihood.

We sat down and saw We have potential famers,Youth who can make wajir county food secured but lack enough or adequate training to facilitate their work.
Since Wajir County is a Reserve,Dry and desert the main Economic activity here is pastoralism Rearing Camels 40% Shoats 40% and cattle at minimum percentage of 20%.

As an Organization we provide emergency veterinary services Voluntarily and disease surveillance campaigns to our darling Potential pastoral communities whose rights are suppressed.
Through our fellow members contribution we implement all of our little projects,Seminars and services to magnify our impacts on the society.

Our slogan: Meeting the demand of the society through Agriculture,livestock,Health(malnutrition),climate change and environmental conservation.
We facilitates this through engaging the farmers in the entire wajir county for capacity building and creating awareness.
we have seen that we can reach vision 2030 if we achieve our goals
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